A-Tools Pro - Query Share and Manage Excel workbooks on LAN Internet

A-Tools Pro - Query Share and Manage Excel workbooks on LAN Internet 4.1

This add-in allows sharing and managing Excel files over LAN, collaboratively

A-Tools Pro is a powerful add-in for Microsoft Excel that adds a lot of handy functions and features to the most popular spreadsheet application in the world. MS Excel might be a feature-rich and powerful application that everybody appreciates, but this doesn’t mean that it cannot be enhanced even further. And that’s exactly what A-Tools Pro does; it makes Excel even more useful.

A-Tools Pro enables sharing Excel files in real-time over LAN, allowing users to collaborate over editing and managing the spreadsheets. It also allows creating dynamic reports and querying databases with T-SQL languages. Furthermore, it lets users connect to other types of databases, including MS Access, FoxPro, MySQL or MS SQL. And that’s not all, there are also many handy secondary features and functions, such as, for example, the possibility of converting among text data and numbers or words, or the capability of creating statistical formulas with multiple conditions.

I also like about this tool the fact that it lets you manage the list of connected users, letting you apply access various types of restrictions to some of them (open, modify, read-only, format, copy, print, etc.), or assign access only to specific spreadsheets or cell ranges. Furthermore, chatting with the connected users is also possible.

As you can see, this add-in is much more than just a simple little Excel plug-in. It’s actually a very powerful tool that can prove to be very useful in a lot of situations.

Margie Smeer
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  • Allows setting up user restrictions
  • Includes a neat chat function
  • Includes a SQL builder to create queries and formulas
  • Easy-to-use


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